We offer a mediation service to sell the undertaking that you no longer need, in case you do not want to deal with the liquidation and/or sped your money on it.

Our role in this sales process is the mediation of information and the bringing together of the parties in transaction, the execution of necessary documents, the performance of necessary operations, the making of a reservation at the office of the notary public etc.

If necessary, we can check the background of an undertaking at state institutions and institutions basing on private capital.

Hereby we point your attention on the important fact that we are not liable for the financial status of the mediated undertakings and the performance or non-performance of mutual agreements made between the parties of the transaction of purchase and sale, the performed or not performed operations etc.

Please let us know your requirments.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you have more questions. You are welcome to call on number 00 372 6691 970 or contact us by e-mail: info@mob.ee
Your letters will be replied within 24 h.

Looking forward to hear from you.