Õigusbüroo M.O.B. is a consulting company engaged in the foundation and administration of companies. Our main area of activity is the provision of services related to Commercial Code and the establishment of business activities. We can provide companies and foundations from different jurisdictions.

The absolute values of Õigusbüroo M.O.B. are reliability, skilful application of know-how and efficient operation.

We have gathered valuable experience allowing the provision of complete solutions and individual approach to each client. Our competent team is experienced in the preparation of urgent documents. Our service is swift and proficient, helping to reduce the expenses and increase the earnings of our clients. We have worked out precise service packets corresponding to special formalities of the Commercial Register. Our expertise helps the clients to manage their documentation and control the outlays from the very first months of their business activities.

Õigusbüroo M.O.B. can create all conditions for successful business, guarantee confidentiality and provide an advantageous service quickly and beneficially.

Hoping a pleasant cooperation,

Urmas Toome